Tuesday, May 22, 2007

“You know it’s kind of sad when one dog farts and you think it’s the other one’s breath”

I have nothing to say about that; it was just a tantalizing lead-in to make you think, 'what the hell...?' and keep on reading. My husband said it earlier this evening and mature individual that I am, I found it rather funny. I am 12.
Tammy tagged me today.
7 Random Things About Me:

1. I was bilingual as a little kid (Spanish/English) because my father was in the Peace Corps and we lived in the Dominican Republic and Columbia for a while.

2. We also lived on a Navajo reservation; my tattoo is stylized Navajo symbols for the harvest; I pulled the images from rock paintings I found on line and had the artist figure out how to work them together. Here's my tat:

3. I love and I'm really good at Archery and Riflery. I've taught Archery a lot and coached a couple of teams as well. But I own neither a bow or gun; it's too dangerous as I live in suburbia.

4. As a kid I wanted to be an Egyptologist. I was devastated to learn that at the time they weren't allowing Jews into Egypt. Or maybe they were allowed in, but not out...

5. I was very shy as a child, and all the way into early adulthood. When I tell people that, most of them respond 'what the hell happened'? I have no idea, but it started after I hit 30.

6. I adore my husband, and yet I take a perverse delight in working his last nerve.

7. I once nearly broke my nose kissing a horse.

Whew! My first meme. Does that mean I'm no longer a virgin? I don't know who does and doesn't like being tagged yet, so if you want to take it from here, feel free (and let me know so I can check it out). And if not, well that's fine too.

I got some yarn in for a new (and large) project. I had no idea that opening a box with 20 skeins of Noro in it could be so intoxicating...*fanning myself furiously*...

But more on that with some pics later.


Cindy said...

I think yours was the most interesting of the "7 Random Things" posts I've read so far.
20 skeins of Noro?! I'm fanning myself too!

MonicaPDX said...

ROFL on the lead-in, and whoo, great tat! I might take you up on the meme. There are a few things I think I left out of the obligatory 'new blogger 100 Things About Me'. ::snerk::

20...skeins...of Noro? ::THUD:: Can you fan after fainting?

Maia said...

These memes can be so interesting. Yours is particularly interesting.

JillyB said...

Awesome tattoo! You know, I also enjoy archery though I haven't done it in awhile but I do own a bow. It hangs on my wall to scare people.