Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Is it hot in here?

For those of you fanning along with me at the thought of 20 skeins of Noro, here it is:

20 skeins of Kureyon #188. The picture is pretty true to color; a blend of greens and purples, with some lovely grays/lilacs/touch of raspberry thrown in. I'm making this, though I'm going to make it the way Aija did it, in strips rather than blocks.

I've been just itching to make this for a while but couldn't justify the expense (or more yarn in the house along with plenty of projects already in line) but then a good friend of ours was kind enough to get engaged, just so I could have a great excuse to make it as a wedding gift. And I did get a good deal - 25% off at Webs brought it to about what we would have spent on a gift anyway, and now I have the fun of knitting it! It's also a great, portable, comparatively brainless project compared to lacy Icarus, so it will be nice to have that to turn to when I screw up one too many yarn-overs.


Cindy said...

Oh my- that is going to be incredibly beautiful! What a gift!

MonicaPDX said...

Ok, it took me 4 days to respond due to excessive hot flashing. Warn a woman, willya? [g] Gorgeous, and the afghan will be too. I can see the new couple fighting over who gets to use it most. ;)

(And boy are you gonna get a long email...uh, soon. Yeah. Soon. Really. I've been slow lately. Note how I say that like it's an unusual event. Hah.)

Gwen said...

Oh gorgeous! I'm looking forward to seeing you knit it up. As you move, hmm?

Danielle said...

Those colors look lovely. It will knit up very pretty. Nice combo of gift for others nd gift to self.