Friday, December 31, 2010

I Am On Fire!

Simple Things is done - it took only 3 days!  It's a nice pattern, great for social knitting as you don't have to keep track of too much.  I'll make it again sometime - maybe out of handspun?

Brian and I went somewhere today we've been meaning to go for quite a while - the Oakland Zoo.  We've been to the San Francisco Zoo a few times but wanted to check this out - it's smaller, but you can get a little closer to the animals, which is nice.

This is a lousy picture but this tiger was asleep with his (her?) paws up in the air.  So cute - and a bit undignified. :)

The elephants were pretty funny.  These two were 'having words' - though it looked more like playing around than anything combative.  The plaque indicated that the one on the right was their 16-year-old male who is very playful and likes to get into trouble.  That's what you need - thousands of pounds of trouble.  We've got about 25 pounds of our Trouble and she's plenty, thanks!

And my favorite - I definitely have a thing for giraffes.  The one on the left is the 'grandma' - she's about 22.  Feeding time was listed at 11:30 this morning, but all that happened was a woman came out with some carrots - and most of the giraffes ignored her.  We got cold waiting for more excitement, so if there was a feeding frenzy, we missed it.  It was still nice to see them though.

There were plenty of other animals but those were the best pictures.  I didn't get any pictures from yesterday when we went up to the city, where we had roasted crab ( for lunch and then picked up some nice treats at Red Blossom Tea Company in Chinatown.  However, as we took the train, I did get going on a new project:

This is a garter-rib sock (Sensational Socks) out of Rabbitworks Fiber Studio's Toe Jam in the Revenge colorway.  This is the same yarn as the Simple Things shawlette, just a different color way, both purchased at Stitches West last year.

The sock is my mindless knitting - I also started my Great American Afghan:

This should keep me occupied for a good long time.  So I don't get frustrated with knitting this and only this for months to come, my plan is for every other project to be one of these squares.  Once this is done I have a gift to make and then a few UFOs to finish up.

Wow - blogging 2 days in a row.  Don't expect it to become a habit.   I just happened to have progress to report, an FO to show off and time to post about it.  Hope it all comes together like that again soon.

Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well!  Now.   Where was I?  Anyone still out there?  My silence has probably lost me at least half my readership (which brings it down to about...3?).  Well if any of you are still out there...Hi!  How are you?  

Things have been fine here in no-blog-land.  Work has been insane (in a good way, most of the time) and I spent a few months at either the office or crashed at home and not a whole lot else.  But I'm back (kind of), socializing and knitting again after not having done much of either for a while.  Well comparatively 'not much' - I've still accomplished a bit:

First, a final report on Tour de Fleece (in which I actually exceeded my goals, thankyouverymuch):

I finished spinning the green Meriboo (Merino Bamboo) into a 2-ply lace weight:

I also spun up the Camel/Silk from Redfish Dyeworks.  It's a 3-ply dk weight.  I loved spinning it so much I may have to buy more of the same fiber so I can make a lace weight with it the next time.

Late in the summer, The Queen of Purple Yarn and I each raided our stash and spent a fun afternoon at her house playing with color.

My handspun Cormo from Tour de Fleece went from this:

To this:

I over-dyed some nice (but incredibly garish) Alpaca that I'd found at a yarn swap:

It's now a bit more 'me' (as in, I'm now willing to be seen near it):

And another 2 crazy-loud skeins from a different swap went from here:

to here (embiggen to really see the color):

Here are some more shots/results of that afternoon - it was a lot of fun - sunshine, friend, fiber (and a goofy dog) - what more could you want?

We also took a short vacation this summer to the Mendocino coast.  The dogs came with us (they deserve a vacation too!).

Brian showed Miele the ocean for the first time:

She did a good job being brave!

She and Trouble also explored the beach together:

And napped together at the end of each day.

(being on vacation is hard work).

It was also The Summer Of Giant Garden Produce:

That's one (elephant) garlic clove that's half the size of Miele's head.  A clove!

The figs that ate San Jose:

Got eaten by us.  Arugula, fresh figs, fresh mozzarella, a touch of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice.  Try it!

And this:

Turned into one of these (the largest came in around 102 pounds - the smallest nearly 90, if I recall correctly):

And now we have a freezer full of pumpkin (and a whole one still left to cut up).

In spite of losing the mojo but good, there has been knitting:

During my least-productive time, a tea cozy requested by my husband, out of some of my first hand-spun:

This small thing took me nearly 2 months to complete.  Yeah, mojo-deficient.  Sad.

Fortunately, things picked up.  I knit my 2nd Girasole (out of Cascade EcoWook in Natural) in about 6 weeks:

This hat (Cascade 220 Superwash) took 2 days:

This is 'Snowflakes on Mulberries Hat' (worsted weight version) by Amy Klimt. Super easy, nice looking, and free - thanks Amy!

Yesterday I started this:

And a day later, I'm here:

I should be finished within a day or so.

Next in line:

This will become The Great American Afghan - it was requested because the new leather couch can be cold.  See how uncomfortable Miele is?

Trouble wants me to hurry up and knit it already.