Monday, May 14, 2007

My life: Sangria, Walking and Yarn

I made sangria yesterday. Here it is in the pitcher in which my mother used to make it when I was a kid. I remember it so clearly, sitting on a trivet on the (idle and cold) wood stove in our house in Vermont. The pitcher was a wedding gift and has her initials. It's one of my favorite things; nothing fancy, I just like it. I make my sangria like she did, from a recipe in "Tia Maria's Spanish Kitchen", a cookbook she got in the '60s. I don't even look at the recipe any more, I just kind of wing it, and it's damn fine.
A couple of posts ago I said I'd talk about my training walks. The Avon walk for Breast Cancer is taking place in San Francisco on July 7th and 8th. I decided in January to take this on, for many reasons, which I give on my Avon Walk Web Page. And I've been training ever since. This past weekend was a light one (9.5 miles) but my walking partner Nathalie and I did a tougher walk the weekend before. We walked from her house into Los Gatos and then took off for about 7 miles into the hills. Not easy. Freakin' hard at times, but it was fun. Check it out - we didn't drive to get this view:

We walked back into town for lunch, then while we were walking in the residential part we ran into this:

Which is much better than them running into us; they were moving. Eventually we headed back to Nathalie's house, taking a hilly detour on the way. We did nearly 16 miles that day, much of it hills. This coming weekend we're going to Rancho San Antonio and we're hoping to do 18-20 miles. We'll see! I'm looking forward to it.
In knitting news, there isn't much news; I'm almost done with my Rose tee, and getting ready to start Icarus. And I'm contemplating knitting one last item for this year's Dulaan shipment; an adult-size sweater; I'll probably just make up the pattern.
Other than that, I've been cleaning like a crazy woman. And packing; I just ordered some Pods so we can everything we've packed into them as we go. Only a couple of weeks before we move! I'm psyched and in a panic at the same time. I'm hoping adrenalin will get me through. That and sangria.

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