Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Sox on Setter

Riso the aspiring model would like to announce that the Twinkle Toes socks are done. And that he has since licked the excess food off of his nose.

He loves it when I knit socks because most of my dpns are bamboo, which are his favorite. They're delicious! He actually hasn't ever ruined any, he just likes to gently taste them once in a while. Now a tube of lip balm? That's a different story. This dog must have the most lubricated lips and digestive tract on earth.

Here's another pic of the socks:
Back to the Rose tee, and on to Icarus!


Cindy said...

Those turned out great! I really like the that color with that pattern. somehow very classic and comfy looking at the same time.


Sox on Setter...it sounds like a Dr. Suess book title. :D

They look fantastic! I like the color.