Friday, July 3, 2009

Rama Llama Ding Dong

I've got a new FO to show you - a mid-stage FO really, as the spinning is completed but it hasn't been knit yet into whatever it decides to be. I finished the VT Llama that Norma gave me. This is about 550 yards of 2-ply, probably a light-fingering weight.

It's not the most evenly spun stuff on earth but I lurve, lurve, lurve it.

Here it is after a soaking and a thwack, waiting to dry:

Rama Alpaca Ding Dong?

So I came home from a friend's house yesterday to find a box waiting for me. I expected part of it - over a pound of gorgeous Alpaca fiber from here.

It's actually more of a mohagany color, and it'll be a sweater for me some day. As if this gift wasn't enough though, look what I saw when I opened the box (you may have to embiggen to read it):

A surprise! Some beautifully dyed alpaca with just a touch of bling (embiggen to see the full gorgeousness:

I've joined Team Crankypants for the Ravelry Tour de Fleece - This may become my project, but I'm still wavering on that. I'd better stop wavering soon - it starts tomorrow!

Feeling the Mojo

One thing I like about the timing of my birthday is that it falls shortly before Knitpicks holds one of their 40% off books sales. I got to spend the last of my birthday cash on some lace inspiration.

I've wanted this book ever since it came out. While I prefer rectangular wraps, I don't think there's a single project in this book that I wouldn't want to make. The yarn I blame on my very best friend evar, Tika. She blogged about buying some really pretty green laceweight (some Knitpicks Shadow in Cattail) and I got all jealous. So I added a couple of projects-worth of yarn to my order. The olive green is Alpaca Cloud in Dill (2 skeins), the greyish green is Gloss Lace in Cypress (2) and the purple is Gloss Lace in Pinot (1). I really like the Knitpicks laceweight, and the prices are incredibly moderate.

I'm feeling the urge to knit again. I think as soon as Tour de Fleece is completed, I'll have had my fill of spinning and will be ready to jump into some lace. In anticipation of all this lace, I finally caved and bought Knitpicks' blocking squares - no more pinning stuff to the guest-room bed. Yay! It's about time - I've been dying for blocking squares for years.

Little Miss Ice Cream

Trouble would like to thank you all for the nice birthday wishes. She was in an ice cream stupor for quite a while after the festivities but has since recovered and can be seen here waiting for more.


Kathy in San Jose said...

Pretty, pretty stuff! Llama, alpaca... have you tried camel yet? That blue alpaca is gorgeous.

Mrs.Q said...

Oooooh! Pretty! Shiny!

Cookie said...

Love it all!

What did you decide? What are you spinning? Not knowing is killing me!