Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Beagle

ETA: A video at the end!

Today is Trouble's 10th birthday. Happy Birthday, little girl! In our house, our pets get a major treat on their birthday. Hers is ice cream. No one can snarf down ice cream like Trouble can.

Waiting to be served:

Waiting to hear the clicker:


Look at those ears flapping.

The big chunk is gone.

Time to clean the bowl:

She's a good bowl cleaner.

This whole process took about 90 seconds. Talk about brain freeze.

And video!


~Donna~ said...

Happy bday pretty girl!!!

Kathy in San Jose said...

Ready - set - snarf!
Happy birthday, Trouble. Speaking of, I think I'll have some ice cream in honor of your birthday...

Northside Knitter said...

Happy birthday to Trouble. Our dog is also a big ice cream fiend. What complicates things is that we live in a Downtown SJ neighborhood that regularly has ice cream trucks/carts going by. On a hot weekend there could be 1/2 dozen that travel through during the afternoon. There is one particular vendor who sells soft-serve ice cream (coffee, smoothies, and shakes too). Her "song" is very distinct.

Once I bought a vanilla cone and shared a small amount (spooned some off the top)with our dog, Ella. Ever since then, she begins to whine and bark when she hears the truck anywhere in the neighborhood. I'll admit to breaking down and occasionally buying a cone for Ella. The first taste she delicately licks; if we don't watch her, she will then bite the cone in half and wolf down all of the ice cream and most of the cone. To think, she used to be satisfied with ice more!


stash haus said...

Happy Birthday to Trouble.

That video is Hi-larious!

BerkeleyBecca said...

Aw, what a good girl! I especially liked the running backwards.

Cookie said...


Happy Birthday, Trouble!

Teenuh said...

LOL! Oh that was flipping adorable. Happy belated birthday to Trouble! So cute!

Toni said...

OMG!!! How funny!!!

~Donna~ said...

Just now saw the b-day adorable is she?!?

What would have really made it even better is if we could have gotten a b-day burp!!!

hee hee hee

I'm so glad she enjoyed her treat!