Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What I Did On My Thanksgiving Staycation

Well it wasn't the most decadent vacation I've ever taken (see here, here, and here for that), but it was probably the most productive. I swept a year's worth of leaves from the front walk and doorway:

I cleaned the fridge:

Set up my china cabinet:

Found the coffee table!

Converted some handbags I don't use:

into something I will:

Made spiced nuts:

Framed my mother's fabric from South America:

I found 4 warm jackets and some other warm things to send here.

And (sorry, really crappy picture) even managed to decorate a little for the holidays.

It's not all the holiday pretty-ing up I'm going to do, but it's a start. My house looks so much better! I didn't do everything on my list but I didn't expect to. I accomplished a lot and managed to find some fun time too:

I knit a bit:

This is the Lacy Small Shell Cowl, made from a Merino/Tussah blend I spun earlier this year. The color in this shot is way off - it's more of a grayish purple, and I haven't blocked it yet which is why it appears to have no pattern at all. It really does have one, I promise - I'll post a post-block picture when it's done. This is going to a friend as a secret Santa gift.

I am nearly done with my Ribby Cardi (no new picture - it looks essentially the same) and it's waiting to block too. All I have once that's done are the band, zipper and collar.

I've also started churning out dishcloths:

Do you like the high-end touch of finishing with a completely different color when I ran out of the first one? I decided that since this will be used for cleaning dishes and counters, it didn't have to look exactly perfect. And it was nice to use up the yarn.

Some new things made their way into the house.

The first lime from our little tree:

The husband got a little decadent and ordered wine from our favorite vineyard:

And look! Gigi brought this over. I'm on Franklin's 1000 Knitters bag - can you spot me?

(Bottom row, 2nd in from the right). I spotted this months ago and finally got around to getting one.

All of this activity has Trouble totally exhausted. I think the Beagle needs a vacation.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed. So much done. Take good care of that exhausted beagle. ;)

Nell said...

You are so productive. Well done. Cute little lime. I hope there are lots more in your future.

Big Alice said...

I love your doormat. LOVE

AlisonH said...

Oh cool!

And just watching you wore out your beagle. You know that is totally funny.

spinnity said...

Ok, 1) I am completely jealous of your clean fridge. You set the bar pretty high, woman. 2) I had to move piles and piles of un-dealt-with paper into my bedroom to host Thanksgiving. Now it's back on the coffee table and waiting for the Xmas staycation. Maybe by the next spin-in I will have found my coffee table too. 3) GREAT post. Made me laugh.