Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I got a little too close to the end of the skein on this project but managed to squeak by without incident (except for the minor heart attack, perhaps). See that little tangle above the slippers? That's all the yarn that's left.

These are one of A Family of Slippers by Knitting at Knoon. I made a bunch of these 2 years ago for Christmas gifts. I recently found out that my father-in-law liked his so much he wore them out. And he was still wearing them, holes and all. Well it was so nice to feel appreciated that I had to make him a new pair. These are made from Green Mountain Spinnery's Double Twist (I think this yarn is discontinued but the spinnery is still there and has some wonderful yarn - check out their Mountain Mohair - it's fab!). I made these in no time at all - the 2nd one in less than a day.

While I have yet to join the crowds that have knit a Clapotis, I have now officially cast on (which isn't difficult - you start by casting on 2 stitches). Here's my start. This is BMFA's Twisted in the Thraven colorway.

I've been having a quiet relaxing day at home; knitting, reading, and watching season 3 of In Living Color (did you know that Jennifer Lopez was a Fly Girl?). I only have to wrap a few gifts and then all Christmas preparations will be complete. We're heading 2 miles down the road to my brother-in-law's house for Christmas Eve (and also Christmas day) with my father-in-law, my brother and sister-in-law, and 3 over-excited, sugared-up nieces, ages 7, 9, and 11. It will be an adventure!

Happy Christmas or whatever you celebrate to all of you!


Cindy/Snid said...

Merry Christmas!!!!!

Mrs.Q said...

Happy whatever you celebrate, too!

(And that Thraven colourway looks very, very tasty!)

AlisonH said...

Merppy Chrismakwanzakkah!

Nell said...

I love Twisted in Thraven. That'll make a beautiful clapotis.