Friday, April 18, 2008

Getting Lei'd

Greetings from voggy Hawaii! Vog - volcanic smog - made everything quite grey on Wednesday when we landed in Kona. And while it did obstruct the views, it didn't really affect us. Apparently we can check into a hotel and fall asleep whether there's a clear sky or not.

This is just a drive-by post. Hubby's still asleep, coffee's brewing and I'm debating whether I'm going to walk before breakfast or not.

Here's what we've seen so far:

A neat little farmer's market in Kailua. We bought some amazing, fresh organic bananas - a bunch for a buck.

I've decided I love geckos.

We visited a coffee plantation. For those of you who watch Dirty Jobs, this is the same plantation. Fortunately we didn't have to work as hard for our cup of coffee as Mike Rowe did. Hubert the cat sat with me while I sipped my Kona.

We've left Kailua and we're at the resort where our friends are getting married. I think we're going to hike out to see some petroglyphs today, there's a sunset sail in the evening, and I think I hear a beach calling me!


beentsy said...

Geckos and plantation cats, how excellent!

Have a brilliant vacation.

~Donna~ said...

Yay!!!! Sounds great...and so cool that you went to same place Mike Rowe was at...while in london, I went to same sandwich shop Paula Dean did... hee hee

jessie said...

I'm jealous. All our friends seem to get married at the local legion hall. LOL.

What a great vacation for you!

SpinalCat said...

I saw that episode!

I thought it was really funny to see all the gecko stuff in shops in Hawaii, like they're really exotic. In Texas there's little geckos that hang out around door frames. Probably not the same species, but still really cute!

Kat said...

Hi, I followed a link from the Yarn Harlot's blog to your's. I live in Hawaii so I started reading about your vacation here. :) Sounds like you had fun, but sorry to hear that your vacation coincided with a particularly bad voggy time. It's cleared up quite a bit but it's still wreaking havoc on my allergies.