Saturday, February 2, 2008

You Made My Day

Thanks all, for your supportive comments! That issue seems to be a hot button for a lot of people.

Onward to lighter, happier things. I woke up the other morning to this:
Cindy put me on her list! Thanks, hon! She totally brightened my day. I'll publish my top ten soon.

4 Things

I also got tagged by Amy and Lisa for the 4 Things Thing. So here goes (and even though I got tagged twice and I'm so freakin' old (according to my ex-doctor and no I'm not bitter shut.up.) I could list 8 things, I'm not).

4 Jobs I've Held:

Executive Assistant
Facilities Supervisor
Purchasing Agent
MRP II Planner

4 Movies I've Watched Over and Over:

Young Frankenstein
Blazing Saddles
Rocky Horror Picture Show

4 Places I've Been:

Dominican Republic
Bogota, Colombia
Mt. Shasta

4 Places I've lived:

Bogota Colombia
Dominican Republic
San Jose, CA

4 TV Shows I Watch:

Law & Order (all of 'em)
CSI (original is best)
NCIS (I know someone in the cast)

4 Radio Shows I listen To:

Like Amy, there's a lot of NPR in my life:

Prairie Home Companion
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
Car Talk
City Arts and Lectures

4 Things I look Forward To:

Stitches West
Hawaii in April (!!)
Cirque du Soleil - tonight!
Our new baby - Ha! Just kidding! No really. I'm kidding.

4 Favorite Foods:

Anything Italian
Creme brulee
Macaroni and cheese - the real kind with sharp Vermont Cheddar

4 Places I'd Rather Be:

Brown Ledge
Hanging out with Brian (husband)
Knitting or spinning somewhere
In Vermont (but with a great job like the one I have now)

People I Email Regularly:

Jasmin (if IMs count)
Dan (old friend from high school)

People to Tag:

I haven't had coffee yet - I'll do that later.

And In The Midst Of All The Activity...

I haven't forgotten knitting. I finished my plain ol' socks.

And I made dinner:

Portuguese Kale Soup!


AlisonH said...

My kind of plain old. Those are great fun! (And that soup looks really good!)

JillyB said...

mmmm, I've been looking for a kale soup recipe, what do you put in it? Tell me Thursday ;^)

Tiny Tyrant said...

Hi Rachel.

Would that I were going to Stitches, because I sure want to.

However with all the foster stuff and losing this weekend to surgery recovery and next weekend to a pre-scheduled road trip, heading down to Santa Clara for a day trip is not on the agenda.

Sigh. Let us get you up here for the Booneville Fiber Festival in September. :-)

TheAmpuT said...

Late for the last post about the doc, but wow. That would have kept me awake, too. I'm glad they have been fired.

And I hope you had a blast at Cirque!! Whee!

Mrs.Q said...

Giganto cats. VERY huge. Especially noticeable when they sit on the chest and the weight threatens to collapse the lungs.

spinnity said...

Ooh, nice socks! And I'd love to hear your review of the Kale Soup - Abigail put me onto that concept last spring and I think my recipe needs tweaks.