Saturday, February 23, 2008

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch....

Rachel has been spinning!

Yes, though you couldn't tell from the medical drama/smart-ass husband/meme stories of late, I've been creative.

Remember this?
Crown Mountain Farms roving (Superwash Merino) in Albatross.

Half of it (4 oz.) of it has become this:
Almost 242 yards of 3-ply.

My son's girlfriend Heather not only treats him well, she knits. Could I ask for anything else?! Anyway, she's been calling me lately, asking me technical questions, and telling me how she can't stop knitting, etc. Yay! I happened to have a couple of puffs of roving in my stash and I knew she'd like the colors, so last weekend I whipped this up for her. Heathers for Heather. It's 4 oz. of plain ol' wool, 2-ply, probably a light worsted weight.

She loved it. And now she wants to learn how to spin. My god she's PERFECT!! If she likes to vacuum other people's houses, that is. Otherwise she's close.

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