Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bark Like a Dog!

Remember my alpaca roving?

Perhaps not, but there it is. Anyway, I've sporadically been working on this:

Last night, I turned it into this:

This is 3 1/2-4 oz. of 3-ply (about 185 yards), and a little under half of the roving I have in that color. I'm pretty pleased with it.

Alpaca is so easy to spin! And it's soft. And fuzzy. And not super-expensive either.

My best friend raises alpaca in Vermont - I got the roving from her. I'm insanely envious and want some alpaca of my own. But I live in suburbia and while they won't let us have 'livestock' here, no one seems to care if you have a dog that barks constantly. So. Do you think I could train a couple of alpaca to bark and sneak 'em into the back yard?


beentsy said...

I'm still trying to talk the spousal unit into miniature sheep. There is no way the neighbours will know they aren't dogs, no way. :)

Jasmine said...

I'll like to see an alpaca that can bark :-)

spindyeknit said...

Bark colored, anyway.

--AlisonH at

TheAmpuT said...

Ok. That's it. We are meeting up sometime, and when we do, be prepared for me to bribe you (with yarn? with chocolate? what works best with you?) to teach me how to spin. I have a wheel just sitting in the corner collecting dust. Silly.