Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Decadence and Lacy Progress

We had a wonderful weekend; Monday was our anniversary (another post on that soon) and my husband arranged a getaway for us at a spa in Calistoga that we really enjoy. We headed up there on Saturday afternoon, and went to the V. Sattui winery for their Festa Italiana for dinner.
It was amazing. Music, dancing, good food and lots of good wine; what could beat that? If you're not familiar with V. Sattui and you happen to be up in Napa sometime, check it out; the customer service is great, the wine is good (and some quite affordable), and the grounds are really pretty.

The next day we wandered around Calistoga a little bit, then back to the spa for a little luxury - mud baths, blanket wraps and then a massage. My life is so tough, I tell you. After the treatments we headed home by way of Tiburon, where we had dinner at Guaymas, a favorite of my husband's. Ok, and mine.

I managed to get some knitting done in the car (seriously, I do knit). I've been focusing on Icarus, and I'm nearly done the main part of the body; less than one repeat to go and I get to change charts!
I love the long color transitions in the yarn (Graceful from The Yarn Place in Sunnyvale). When using this yarn I can't recommend enough that you use the Addi lace needles: last year I tried to knit a lacy scarf using the regular Addis and some of the same yarn and it was nothing but frustration. The lace needle points make it a breeze; no splits at all and so easy to separate those little teeny loops!

Here's the Icarus taken from a few other angles:

Which do you think flatters the shawl the most?

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