Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Could Someone Please Find Natalie Maines a Potholder?

I had a dream last night that the Dixie Chicks were playing at some small venue nearby and their guitars - electric no less - were so smokin' hot that they asked me to find them some potholders. Which were suddenly in very short supply in the South Bay. So I was trying frantically to knit a few (the ball-band pattern) before their next set started. Talk about pressure.

We're back from our mini-vacation in the mountains (Strawberry CA) with no cell or wi-fi. My son and his girlfriend joined us - they're still here. We're heading down to Santa Cruz today and then they're flying back to VT tomorrow. : ( It has been fun having them. Heather (said girlfriend) is into crochet but was interested in knitting again (she'd learned a while ago). She wanted to work on an afghan she saw in Mason Dixon, so I gave her some yarn from my stash and some needles and off she went. We went to Sonora on Sunday and I happened upon this LYS. I spotted it and immediately dashed across the street, completely abandoning my family (priorities, you know). It's a very nice little shop with yarns arranged mostly by color. They've got a lot of nice stuff so if you're ever in that area, check it out! Nice people too.

I found some lovely Inca Cotton (Oz color way), which is not only organic, it's incredibly soft. I'm going to combine it with a skein of the same yarn in a solid cream to make this:

This is the Fitted Tank from the summer issue of Knitters. It's a pretty good issue I think - there are a couple of things I'd like to make from it. The Oz (soft green) will be the main color and the cream will be the accent. I can't wait to cast on! But I've got a little more to go on my Icarus, so I'm sticking to that for now.
I also further encouraged Heather's knitting habit by picking up a skein of Lamb's Pride in a soft yellow for her, which she liked. I think I just became an enabler. I'm so proud!

Miguel doesn't want the dogs to be the only models in the house. He's 18, constantly irked about something and doesn't hesitate to let us know about it. My husband, who gives everything a nickname, refers to him as "Migraine", but we love the cranky old coot.

More on the vacation later - someone took all the pics off my camera and I can't get at them right now! Besides, we're off to spend the day in Santa Cruz.

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spinnity said...

Inca cotton should make a great potholder for those burning licks! :-)

Congrats on reaching enabler status. It's fun to give back to the community!