Monday, July 9, 2007

So Yeah, I Took a Little Walk This Weekend...

Holy crap, I did it.


I walked 39.3 miles over 2 days.
I raised over $4,500.
Over 2400 walkers participated in this event.
Together we raised over $5.4 million.
I am so proud of myself and everyone else involved I can barely stand it.
I have the most supportive husband ever.
My feet are Ugh-leeeeee...

I really don't know where to start. It was fucking amazing (there - does that up my blog saltiness rating?). I'll try not to ramble but there is so much to tell!

(I'm going to have to do this in more than 1 post - I think I'm breaking Blogger...)

We got to the hotel on Friday night, registered, loaded up on carbs at Fino's in Union Square, and tried to get a good night's sleep. I was too excited to stay asleep though. We met my walking partner Nathalie and her husband at 5:00 am in the lobby, and made our way to Speedway Meadows. We had breakfast and coffee, stood in the fog and wind during the opening ceremony and finally we were on our way! It was pretty crowded going at first:

It was early morning, but we still had a fair number of people cheering us on. And a few looking our their windows wondering what the hell was going on. The San Jose bike cops were there to help us be safe:

We went over the Golden Gate bridge and headed toward Sausalito. We met some friends along the way:

We passed some cheerleaders:

We took breaks:

And before we knew it, we were half-way done!

On the way back, things got a bit tougher around mile 20. First we hit this:

More soon - Blogger is misbehaving...


Lauren said...

Congratulations! You've done an amazing thing.

tammy said...

Wonderful! You rock girl! What a great thing you did.