Thursday, April 26, 2007

Still Life with Beagle

Ta-DA! My first skein - about 115 yards of uneven but not-too-shabby worsted weight. Ok, maybe a thick worsted but much more consistent than anything I'd done before. Plus this was my first time plying. I'll decide later if I'm going to dye it or leave it as is. The wool is Corriedale - I picked up a pound of it at Stitches. Very nice and soft, and suitable (obviously) for beginners. I'm pretty pleased with my first real go at this!

Midge is great! I'm very happy with my choice. My first 20 minutes were a little out of control but I'm feeling a lot more comfortable.
By the way? The Beagle (her name is Trouble) is actually alive. It's just her 'isn't it time to go to bed?' expression.


Bogie said...

That was quick! The yarn looks great--are you planning to knit with it or keep it as trophy yarn?

~Donna~ said...

Girl! You don't mess around do you...congrats on your first skein of yarn...woot!

I LOVE Beagles...Mom has a Beagle...his name is Dexter.

tammy said...

Yarn - gorgeous!
Dog - adorable. :)

MonicaPDX said...

First time plying? That's great! With your next skein, you've got a nice hat if you don't plan on enshrining your Very First Skein. Midge was obviously a good choice for you.

Equally obviously, Trouble has the modeling gig down pat.


Wow!! Beautiful! I wish I had that much time to spin.

Cindy said...

That looks great! I can't wait to have enough home spun yarn to make a skein.