Sunday, April 29, 2007

Lifted Contingencies

The inspection and financing for the house has gone through. We've given notice to our landlady (who couldn't have been nicer about it) and now it's time for the real grind - packing and moving. The closing is on May 31st but we've got a bunch to do in the meantime. I'm starting with getting rid of all sorts of stuff we haven't used since we moved here. We did a pretty big de-clutter prior to leaving Vermont a year ago, but now that I know what we do and don't need, we can pare down some more. Check out the new place! We're really close to the foothills in the south end of San Jose.

I'm in love with our new yard:

The only change I want to make is to get rid of some of the small ornamental trees and replace them with dwarf peach, Meyer lemon and lime trees that we already have in pots. I think my husband as additional plans, but we haven't really talked about them yet.

I had to put away my spinning wheel for a while - I really have to get packing, and I also have a few WIPs to finish.

I have been walking a lot lately - 6.5 miles yesterday for WalkAmerica with other people from my company to raise money for the March of Dimes. And then today my walking partner (for the Avon Walk) and I did 15.5 miles, including some pretty steep hills in Los Gatos. I'm tired but I actually feel pretty good! Especially after this:

And last, a shot of the rose my husband 'adopted' in my name at the Heritage Rose Garden at Guadalupe River Park and Gardens. Sigh...isn't he romantic?


Maia said...

Congratulations on the new house. It looks nice and well cared for.

tammy said...

The house looks great. How exciting. He does have a good sense of humour eh? LOL.

Kathy said...

I think this house is in my neighborhood! Great area to live in, if it's where I think it is!

-Kathy in San Jose

Lori said...

Hi neighbor!