Sunday, January 11, 2009


I seem to be quite the lemming lately. I don't remember when the Wii came out but I've never had an interest in owning one. The computer games I play tend to be more the puzzle type (I'm really quick at Sudoku and crosswords) and as I'm pretty good about getting off my butt to work out, the Fit didn't strike me as something I had to have either.

Until Christmas.

My nieces got one, and I finally got to see one in action. It was hilarious. And apparently Brian thought it seemed cool too, because I don't think 24 hours had passed before we decided to pool our Christmas money and put it toward a Wii. They were out of stock everywhere right after the holidays so we had to wait a little while but we got it set up last week. Friday night, Brian used it. And Riso helped.

And he helped some more:

I think what I like best about it is it's the only workout I've ever had that makes me laugh. I'm pretty good at some things but I completely suck at others - and there's something about being hit by flying panda heads that strikes me as very funny. It feels more like a game than a workout session, and it gets addictive. And competitive.

When I used it today, Riso stood over me while I was doing some ab exercises. He had this 'what to do, what to do' look on his face and after watching me for a few reps he decided to lie down. On top of me. Well I didn't want to stop and thereby lower my score, so my last 3 reps were with an English Setter lying across me. I think I deserved bonus points for that one. Unfortunately I was alone in the house at the time (except for you know, the helpful Setter) so I don't have any pictures to show you.

I do have pictures of some yarn I picked up at the Purlescence yarn swap today though.

This is Alpaca Cloud from Knitpicks in the Autumn color way. I think this is the exact color I almost ordered last summer but cut from my list in favor of something else. Now I have 4 skeins.

Closer up:

I also picked up some appropriate colors in something washable for pumpkin baby hats.

Some pretty cotton for dishcloths...

And a whole pile (15 skeins) of Frog Tree Alpaca Sport Weight. These colors aren't exactly flattering on me so I plan to over-dye them the next time I get the urge to pull out the dye pots.

Frog Tree Alpaca was the first yarn I knit with when I picked up knitting 3 years ago after a 35- year break, and I love it.

Knitting Updates

I have another small FO for 2009 - I'm calling it 'And Another Freakin' Dishcloth'. Because it's another freakin' dishcloth.

And I've cast on for the Lady Eleanor Stole:

This is Noro Silk Garden (from stash) in color way #88.

Purty, huh? I have a feeling I may stay up too late a few nights with this one - I can't stop watching the color changes!


Kathy in San Jose said...

If you'd like a more difficult workout, I'll loan you a German Shepherd!

Toni said...

New yarn!

Must look away....must look away.....

yoli said...

Those yarn colors are so gorgeous!

I just played with my friend's Wii Fit yesterday for the first time and I agree: the games are lots of fun! I was a big wimp and couldn't do the pushup reps (these arms are for knitting not lifting body mass!) but the balance and aerobic games were definitely fun.

Cookie said...

Riso is just trying to help. ;^)

Love the Lade Eleanor. Looking forward to seeing more of her.

Nell said...

Uh oh! I can feel my resolve to not own a Wii slipping...

Sharon said...

Those shoes and flying panda heads make such an effective sound, that I always say OUCH! when they hit me. I say ouch a lot, I'm afraid. I also love the penguin game...have you unlocked that one yet?

Lady El is a beautiful shawl. I am growing a collection of Silk Garden in anticipation.

SpinalCat said...

We tried to buy a Wii Fit, but couldn't find one anywhere.