Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sunday Sundries

I Need To Pay Better Attention

Am I the only South Bay person who hasn't been spending time at Bobbin's Nest? They opened last fall and I went there for the first time on Saturday to meet up with Hannah and Jeni. Why did I wait so long? What a great shop! They've got yarn. They've got fabric (Yay! Lining for bags I want to make!) They've got crafty stuff that I don't do but it's fun to check out and dream about it anyway. But best of all, they're friendly, and made me feel very welcome.

I don't know why I'm so slow to check out new yarn shops. Purlescence was open for about 9 months before I started spending time there, and now it's one of my favorite spots. Silly, silly me.

Happy Endings

Remember Gisela?

Well the reason I finally went to Bobbin's Nest was so I could give it to Hannah for her birthday (Happy Birthday, Hannah!).

Lookie - it fits her!

Sorry, all you tall, slender people who offered to take it off my hands; you had to be short as well as slim to wear it - unless you wanted a crop top.

We also had birthday cake.


I think after knitting, Hannah was heading home to her birthday celebration with even more cake. The girl's probably still riding a serious sugar high.

Yarn Swap

One of my knit groups held a yarn swap a few weeks ago. Look what followed me home!

Some blended fibers from Buzz Yarns. The color's a little wonky here but they all go together very nicely. These will become a scarf for me and probably one for someone else too.

Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool! The color on the left totally washes me out but I'm going to overdye it to a more flattering shade. There's enough here to make a short-sleeve top.

TV Yarn in Love Actually. For the world's brightest pair of socks.

Tofutsies - I've wanted to try socks out of this for about a year.

This was only a tiny fraction of the cotton that was up for grabs. I see some dishcloths in my future.

I love swaps. I unloaded some yarn that was very nice but didn't inspire me any more, and came home with new yarn that did.

Oh Darn!

My first hand-knit sock casualty ever. I finished these in the winter of '06/'07. Koigu makes wonderful color combos and I loved knitting with it but I have to say it doesn't wear that well. I won't be repairing these; I'll just say 'darn' - or something a little more racy - as I toss them in the trash.

I Was Fine. My Camera Was The Drunk One.

A bunch of us got together for dinner and drinks before Bobaknit last Thursday. Linda and Cookie A. did their best to ply me with alcohol, but I stayed stroong and resishted. But I think my camera had a little too much Sangria; out of all the pictures I took, that was the least blurry. Oy.

ETA: Happy Mothers' Day!


SpinalCat said...

I thought Koigu would wear better than that with such a high twist angle. Is it lacking in nylon content? I can't remember. I frogged my only Koigu socks and haven't done anything with the yarn yet.

tiggerr said...

I love pictures!

Btw, I have never been to Bobbins Nest.

Also, ask me about the incredible amount of cotton I could swap with you next time we meet.

I even have completed washcloths.

hannahbeekuhns said...

rach - you are awesome! thank you! the cardigan is light and perfect. wasnt that cake just divine. erin is the best dude.. i seriously almost cried but held it back bc i didnt want to look like a doofus..but then again.. does it really matter? :)

AlisonH said...

Lucky Hannah!

I haven't made it to Bobbin's Nest either, but I need to go check them out. Thank you for the nudge!

Tiny Tyrant said...

mmmm yarn pron.

You scored some nice stuff.

renaissancewednesday said...

Ooh, what gorgeous yarn! *is jealous* Hee.