Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hmm...Maybe Not.

Some of you know that we're going to Hawaii in a few days. Anyone who has been anywhere near me the past few weeks knows it for sure - it's all I can talk about (sorry about that...). We're going there for a wedding, but decided since we'll be there to make a real vacation out of it, so we'll be there for 9 days. (If you're thinking of coming over and swiping my stash while I'm gone, forget about it - I've got someone staying at the house guarding it against people like you.)

Anyway, though everything we'll be doing there calls for casual attire - even the wedding - I thought it would be nice to have a light sweater-type thing for later in the evening when just a tank top might not be enough. So I bought the yarn for and cast on Gisela (Ravelry link).

Here it is, nearly complete. Just the button bands and some blocking to be done. Nice, huh?

I chose to knit the medium size (36" - 40") because I wanted it to be fairly loose. Gauge correct? Check. Measurements accurate? Check. 'Fairly loose'? Nope. Sure I can get it on but it's snug - unflatteringly so. I'm not going to frog it though - at this point I'd end up with too many ends to weave in if I re-did it. So I'm going to finish it and give it to someone smaller and more narrow than I. And some day I'll pick up more yarn and re-do it for myself in a larger size because sizing aside, it's a great pattern.

Moving on:

I found knitting solace by starting Stria by Jeni.

I'm using my 'Born to Be Wild' handspun. This will be my airplane knitting for the flight to Hawaii (see? I can't stop talking about it). It's a nice simple pattern, designed for handspun. The only modification I'm making is to reduce the size a little to accommodate my narrow feet.

That's a shot of my narrower foot sporting my first professional pedicure ever. I'm finally a Californian! Well not really, but in Vermont pedi's aren't a big thing as it's too chilly to expose one's toes much of the year. Out here, it's all toes, all the time and it feels as if there are mani/pedi places every couple of feet. Get it? Every couple of feet. Oh I slay me.

Obligatory food shot:

Pasta salad with all the fresh veggies left in the house, a little cheese and a tiny bit of sopressata. We needed to use up all of the perishables because we're leaving for Hawaii soon. Did I mention that?


Nell said...

Have a great vacation! I hope everything goes smoothly.

~Donna~ said...

Have fun! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back...

Kathy in San Jose said...

You're going to Hawaii - OMG, I totally didn't know that! {snerk} Sorry that Gisela didn't cooperate - it won't block bigger?

Have loads of fun!

BerkeleyBecca said...

Have a wonderful time!

tiggerr said...

Where are you going to again?


Have fun, relax!

Tiny Tyrant said...

Ooh it's gorgeous.

Want my measurements? lol


SpinalCat said...

Sorry about the sweater. That sounds pretty bizarre. Kind of like my always-too-big Coachella.

Mrs.Q said...

My sister just made us sit through her home video of her Hawaii trip...twice! It looks lovely. Even if she was rubbing it in.


margit said...

I'm smaller than you AND I didn't get to go to Hawaii because my stupid airline went bankrupt, hint hint.... (although my arms are pretty darn long...)

ANYhow, you better have enough fun for both of us AND Randall!

And by the way, I awarded you the “You Make My Day Award” You can check out my blog for details, and thanks for making my day! =)

AlisonH said...

Can you just tie the Gisela at the bottom and skip buttoning it? Meantime, have a great trip!