Sunday, March 23, 2008

Talk About Loose Ends...

I couldn't think of a single way to link all of this together, so this is one random post.

I'm still not used to the CA growing season. We've had roses blooming since February! This is a view from my living room window:

And another bloom getting ready to show off:
These are hybrids of some sort, which is something else I'm not used to. They do really well here; in Vermont, not so much. There you almost have to treat them as annuals - they can't take the cold winters. On the other hand, my favorite roses, Rugosas (the really tough ones with lots of hips that you often find growing near the ocean) don't do at all well here because they need a nice long freeze for dormancy. Win some, lose some.

Trouble Has A Boyfriend
Meet Dante:
He's an Italian Greyhound. I've known about them but hadn't met one in person until I met Dante. I didn't realize how teeny they are! Dante has come over a few times with his owner who set up our irrigation system. He is handsome and he knows it. Dante, that is; I don't know if his owner has an inflated ego or not.

Trouble loves Dante! When our other dog Riso tries to play with her she looks at him as if he's crazy and doesn't join in. We thought she'd never learned how to play. Turns out she's just selective with regard to her playmates. These two went crazy in the backyard.

When she was too tired to play, she just followed him around every where he went. Apparently she's one of those up-front girls and has no interest in playing hard-to-get.

Kristi In The House
Kristi was in town this weekend so a bunch of us got together to knit and hang out with her. Abigail, who had coordinate the knitting of a log cabin quilt for Anabel's new baby (yet to be born, don't get all squeally yet), decided last minute that it would be a fine time to give Anabel the quilt. Problem was, she decided this on Thursday, when she received the last square. But she managed a miracle and with some help, got it done in time. Go Abigail!

It's made from Elann's Pakucho Cotton. It's pretty splitty while knitting but it makes a really nice fabric. And it's colored naturally!

Anabel seems pretty happy with it, don't you think?

You can see Abigail there, and Karen, and the side of Cookie's head. Cookie's hair perfectly matched the dress she was wearing; I was impressed. Of course I missed taking pictures of a bunch of others who were there: Teenuh, Jeni, Bex, Brianna and Margit. Apologies if I left someone out!

The quilt square isn't the only cotton square I've been knitting:
This is for an event raising money to help fight breast cancer. Ryan had sent out a plea for these on behalf of a friend, and so many responded she needed us to knit only one each. This was a super-quick project made from some Rowan All Seasons Cotton I had in stash. I like the slight color variegation.

Tiny (Knitted) Bubbles
I've also started something new!
Meet Gisela from Cocoknits. I picked up the pattern at Stitches West, but you can download it from the website. I'm making it with the recommended yarn, A-174 Cotton Gima from Habu. I started it this week and I'm a rush to finish it by mid-April. I want to wear it while we're in Hawaii. Yep that's right, Hawaii! We're going for 9 days; a friend is getting married near Kona and we decided to extend the long weekend into a proper vacation. I've never been, and I can't wait to go!

Remember this?
This is the wedding gift I'm making for the friend who's thoughtful enough to get married in Hawaii and give me an excuse to go. It's the least I can do. It's the Lizard Ridge afghan, and it's progressing well. This should be done by mid-May, which is when this friend will be back from her honeymoon.

And Other Miscellany...
I've also been spinning.
While hubby was back east I was alone a lot and found time to spin all these singles. This is the Crown Mountain Superwash Merino in the Born To Be Wild colorway.

And here's the finished yarn. 358 yards, 3-ply and as close to sock weight as I've ever come. And socks it will be. For me. Some day.

Parting Shot:
Miguel, caught tolerating one of the dogs he professes to loathe. Busted!


Cindy/Snid said...

Awwwww. so nice to see photos of the gang! Looks like a beautiful blanket for Anabel- so sweet. Thanks for sharing the roses too!!!!

Big Alice said...

Hahaha I once dogsat/housesat for someone with an Italian greyhound (and a whippet). They called the greyhound "Moose", short for Mussolini, and she was definitely a tyrant. She used to wake me up in the mornings by crawling under the covers and sticking her cold, wet nose on my legs.

Gisela is beautiful, I hadn't ever seen that before but cut out a picture from a catalog that looks almost the same. You'll look gorgeous. In Hawaii!! lucky you! I have never been either and someday want to go.