Thursday, March 13, 2008

Speaking Of Paranormal Erotica...

Actually I've never spoken of paranormal erotica. I don't think I've ever even paired the two words together until this evening. And frankly, I doubt I'll ever have anything to say about it. Someone used the phrase today while knitting at my favorite LYS and I found it very comical. And I felt the need to see what what kind of searches it'll bring to my blog. If that's how you got here and you were hoping for something a little more frisky...well sorry. I have a total potty mouth at times but I'm not too inclined to blog it (though that isn't a promise).

You All Are The Best

Thanks everyone for the wonderful, kind comments in response to my last post. I didn't want to say it for safety's sake, but I was alone in the house that week and you all made me feel a lot less alone during a rough time. I was so glad to have my husband back home, even though he arrived with a nasty case of the flu and a temp of 103.4. He's on the mend now though and we are doing alright.


I found some things to help me feel better, both emotionally and physically (remember the sprained ankle)? Spinning is helping me get some strength back:
This is from Crown Mountain Farms - I think it's the Wild Thing colorway - though I'm not positive. Jasmin and I did a trade - she'd spun the first 4 ounces and gave me the remainder. I did the same with mine in Albatross. I just can't get over how different it looks spun up - there's so much white in the roving but it nearly disappears in the singles. And it'll have a totally different effect when it's plied (I'm planning on 3-ply this time around).

I'm also enjoying another form of therapy - my herb garden! I'm so excited - it has been several years since I had one and it feels so nice to be getting back into it. I'm doing mostly culinary herbs (basil, thymes, sages, oregano, tarragon, etc.) but I'm also growing a host of moth-repellant herbs: Southernwood, Wormwood, Costmary, Rue, Patchouli, Lavender, Santolina and Rosemary. So really it's a knitter's garden, right?

I've got one small bed (out of four) planted. Here's some of the Thyme:
I've got 5 different varieties.

Here are some of the remaining herbs waiting to be planted. Most of the moth-repellent ones were still on order at the time so I don't have a picture of them. These are mostly sages, some purple basil and some Santolina.


We've also got vegetable beds and fruit trees; I'll show those off when we've finished the back yard. There have been a lot of changes to our landscape this year!


Kathy in San Jose said...

You should have called me - I would have come and kept you company! And speaking of ... planting stuff, you will love being able to run out to the garden and grabbing a bit of fresh herbs to add to your meals instead of the overpriced fresh ones at the market.

Tiny Tyrant said...

Hehe! Love the post title.

And that roving to handspun is pretty cool.

TheAmpuT said...

Oooo happy gardening! I've got some big shifts going on in my backyard, too. It feels so good to be outdoors with the plants!

Big Alice said...

Oh, I'm so envious. I really wanted to put in an herb garden this year. I've got a few in pots, and And an anti-moth one, that's a fabulous idea (guess what I found this weekend. grump).

AlisonH said...

I once totally cracked up my mom, whose big sister had (well never mind) and I said to Mom, "Partially sage, Rosemary, this time!"

spinnity said...

Excellent therapy choices! Where did you get your herbs? I'm just digging up part of my star jasmine to put in some herbs this week. Spring is busting out in herbage!

Teenuh said...

I am going to have to come over and steal your strawberries when they are ripe! Or, I could just get off my ass and plant my strawberry pot I've had for 2 years now...

Btw, the handspun is GORGEOUS. I saw the photo on Ravelry a little bit ago. Good job!!