Thursday, January 3, 2008

Somebody Stop Me

First FO 2008 - and it didn't take freakin' forever to make!

Mr. Greenjeans - started November 2007, finished January 2, 2008. It would have been a quicker knit but it got set aside in favor of the stealth cashmere projoect.

I used Malabrigo worsted in Stonechat. Love, love love this yarn! And it's a nice pattern too - super quick knit and really easy. The only alteration I made was to adjust for length. Because I'm so freakin' tall and all.

I also made a couple of quick projects in December:

Warshrag - all of ours are looking pretty ratty, so I decided to pretty things up a bit in the kitchen. This is just Peaches and Creme (or something like that) pulled from stash - standard cotton in the ballband pattern. Easy, easy. I need to make some more.

Fetchings for me. Made from stash yarn - a single ball of worsted weight from KnitPicks. For those freezing CA mornings.

Now, back to the beaded lace - I promised this would be done by Stitches West!

ETA: Why, oh why does Blogger insist on screwing up picture and text spacing? I'm no designer but good god, I'm better than this!


Kathy in San Jose said...

Love your Greenjeans!

Celia said...

Officially jealous. When did you find the time to knit during the holidays? I need a vacation!

Alison said...

Greenjeans (or reddish jeans) looks fabulous!

spinnity said...

You are in OVERDRIVE, baby! Greenjeans looks great on you & such a snuggly yarn - an excellent choice for you. For the breaking thing -- try some $br clear ="all"$ action (replace $ with < or > as needed) or DIV tags

TheAmpuT said...

oh, great sweater!! yay!!
Can't wait to see you at Stitches in the shawl ;-)
Although I'd love to hook up before then.

Tiny Tyrant said...

Hope you're surviving the storms.

AlisonH said...

Pretty pretty stuff!