Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another California Invasive Pest Warning

Another warning from the California Department of Food and Agriculture: Beaglus Gluttonious.

She is so busted.

Damn dog didn't even bother separating the muskmelon from the vine before she dug in.

Here she can be seen teaching Miele the joys of really, really fresh produce.

Miele was busted recently too:

Is there a doggie reform school anywhere nearby?

Remedial February?

When not occupied with documenting the bad behavior of the resident hairballs, I've been knitting. Or trying to. I seem to have developed a severe case of knitting ADD. I have a whole list of new things I want to start - a couple of different lace projects, toe-up socks, gifts, some dish rags, an afghan and of course there are always a few sweaters in the queue. And that doesn't even count the things I have in progress.

Despite the distractions, I've managed to focus on two things. First, I started another February Lady Sweater. I'd made one about this time last year, but a combo of it stretching and me shrinking a bit made it necessary to come up with one that is slightly smaller. Then I started another February Lady Sweater. And after that, I started another February Lady Sweater.


Why when the first one was so easy do I keep on screwing up this one? The gauge in the swatch was different from the gauge I actually knit. So I frogged the entire thing. Then I found an error way back that couldn't be fixed any other way than frogging. Again - all the way back. Then I happily sailed two inches past where I should have put buttonhole #2. Oy. More frogging. My latest attempt seems to be working okay though:

This is Dream in Color Classy in the Lagoon colorway (I think). I lurve this color!

This the color in this one is probably a little more accurate.

I'm making the same changes I made on the last one - a stockinette stitch yoke instead of garter stitch, and I'm doing yarn overs for increases. I also don't do that row of eyelet increases - I just keep on going with the yarn overs on either side of the shoulder increase for a few more rows. At this point I probably have 2 -3 more plain rows to go before I start the gull stitch for the body.

I have also picked up the Lady Eleanor stole that I started in March. It's actually going to be more of a couch throw than a wrap and given the number of dog and cat claws around our house, I think I'm going to pass on the fancy fringe. It's just asking to be snagged.

This is Noro Silk Garden (Colorway 88) that I got from Webs a few years ago at a kee-rrrazy close-out price. Actually that's about the only way I will buy Noro. The color changes are pretty but there are a lot of knots as well as vegetable matter, and I think the regular price for what you get is outrageously high. On sale however - that's another story.

And they sure do know how to put colors together.

Closing Shots...

Look who got her first haircut!

She was traumatized only slightly by the scary clippers. Here she is being comforted by clipper-man himself.

Does this girl have long spindly legs or what?


Kathy in San Jose said...

The melon looked like a ball! Beaglus Gluttonious has joined the level of Shepherdius Germanica in eating the endangered varieties of fruit commonly found in gardens. The local variety of this invasive species eats persimmons, figs, lemons, blackberries, grapes, and melons that grow in her habitat. There is no known way to fight this beast except to laugh.

Cookie said...

At least, they aren't eating their own poop.

Or each others. o.0


Brian Debasitis - Mauby All Natural said...

Oh no. They eat that too when I haven't managed to leave enough ripe melons lying around for them.

Tiny Tyrant said...

I really do love your Miele girl.

And I let Petco do the clipping for me, thank you very much, else my kitchen turns into a giant wrestling match.

AlisonH said...

Sheared that little sheepish-behaviored puppy, eh?