Thursday, November 26, 2009

Instant Gratification

The knitting ADD continues. I've mostly been working on my Lady Eleanor wrap and February Lady Sweater (what is it with these Lady things?), but I have strayed a bit for some instant gratification.

Remember this?

It's my Corriedale handspun from Grafton Fibers. Well I decided on short notice that a non-knitting friend needed a birthday gift so I made her these:

They're Fetchings, modified slightly with a longer cuff and more length in the fingers as well.

I chose this particular yarn because this friend and I went to school together in southern Vermont and Grafton Fibers isn't too far from there. So, a Vermont gift for a Vermont friend (even though she lives in CA). And super quick! I started them one evening and finished them in time to meet her and her husband for dinner the next day.

Last week it finally got a little chilly around here; enough that my feet were actually cold and I realized I didn't own any slippers. So I made some.

These are essentially socks, knit at a huge gauge and felted. I think the pattern is from Knitting at Knoon Designs. I have knit this pattern so many times that I barely look at it. I used less than a skein of Malabrigo in the Stone Chat colorway that I had left over from another project. Yay for stashbusting!

Holy cow could my legs be any whiter?

After I felted them I put some puffy paint on the soles to prevent them from slipping.

Would you believe the cashier at Michael's insisted I show my ID in order to buy this? Who knew puffy 3D paint was a controlled substance?

Back to (Monkey) Business

I've now picked up an old project that had been stagnating since the summer; my Monkeys made from my own handspun. When I started them I just couldn't get the pattern to flow in my head and constantly had to check the chart as I went along, which made for slow progress. That kind of surprised me as the general consensus on Monkey is that the pattern is pretty intuitive and moves along quickly. This time however the pattern stuck right away and I only have to check the chart every so often. Now they're moving right along and I love them.

I have finished one and have one more pattern repeat to go on the leg before I start on the heel flap. Here's the finished one on my foot. Again; holy crap I'm pale.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We just got back from Thanksgiving dinner; I'm still full and it has been a very nice, relaxing day.

I made cranberry sauce among other things. This one is easy; for every bag of cranberries you use one navel orange chopped (I use the food processor) and sugar to taste. Toss it all in a pot with a smidge of water, heat it until simmering and the cranberries are popped, adjust sugar to taste and then once it's cool toss it into the freezer. Let it thaw for a few minutes before serving. Delish.

I also made glazed sweet potatoes with bourbon (toss bourbon on anything and it's good) and a salad but never got around to taking pictures. I am lame. And stuffed.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope yours was as relaxed and enjoyable as mine.

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Kathy in San Jose said...

A little grated fresh ginger goes nicely in the cranberry sauce!