Monday, September 1, 2008

Things That Grow

Old Friends Grow

This is G. We went to high school together - a small boarding school in Putney, Vermont. He was passing through town a few weeks ago, driving with his daughter from Ohio to CA. Together with another schoolmate we hung out for an evening. None of us had seen each other since graduation over 30 years ago (of course we were all 2-year old geniuses at the time - we're not really that old)!

The first time I met G. I was about 4'9" tall and he wasn't much bigger. When did this happen?

Finished Objects Grow (in a good way)

I finished my 3rd Montego Bay Scarf! This one's for me and I love it.

About 4' long pre-blocking:

About 6' long post block:

Finished Objects Grow (not so good)

Remember Ariann? Well, Ariann fit pretty nicely preblocking. Now? Not so much. The lace opened up and Ariann became the Sweater That Ate San Jose. It's too horrifying to show a picture. However, all hope is not lost. I have more yarn - if I remove the collar (to re-graft later), frog down to where the sleeves join, rip back the sleeves a little bit, re-knit the raglan (for the 4th freakin' time - at least I know how to do it right now) and reattach the collar, then Ariann can be made right. Right now the thought makes me tired though, so Ariann is going to be put away for a little while.

On a more humorous note...

The Size of My Head Grows

Thanks to my husband who thought it would be fun to fluff up my hair. He's just a stitch, isn't he? You can tell how amused I am.

Tomatoes Grow

If you have tomato overload, here's a great way to use them. This works particularly well with cherry tomatoes, but you can also slice regular ones and roast them the same way. I got this recipe from Norma's blog - she waxes eloquent about them here. I followed her recommendation (somewhat) and had them with crackers and goat's cheese for dinner this evening. Absolutely fab.

Knitting For Evil

Last year, I was involved in knitting for good, and made over a dozen hand-knit items for various charities. This year, I'm apparently headed in the other direction.

A friend in our Oregon office submitted a request for a new Blackberry - her faceplate had cracked and kept falling off. I sent her a note giving her a hard time about throwing her phone at fellow employees, and how Purchasing had told me they were probably going to supply her with one of those giant bag phones which she couldn't possibly break. But, I told her I'd soften the blow by knitting her a phone cozy - and that it would look like a fuzzy bedroom slipper on her belt. She LOL'd and thought I was joking. Silly girl. Look what I made for her!

Tackiest Blackberry Cozy Evar

I didn't know I had it in me to make something so freakin' ugly. See? Knitting for evil. I'm so proud!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I saw that Ariann today--it's gorgeous, you can't fool me. And you know that scarf is. As for the blackberry cozy, could wave it at me to ward me off. Definitely.

And thank you again for the washing machine. Now to convince the plumbing to stop weeping over the loss of its one true Kitchenaid. (Why is the wall valve leaking, dear? When it didn't before? How are you going to fix it?

I'm thinking, I'm thinking!)

AlisonH said...

Silly Blogger. That was me. Obviously. I mean, how many people got washing machines from you?

Tiny Tyrant said...

Oh my gosh that cozy is hilarious.

What yarn did you use for the scarf?

Nora said...

Lovely scarf! Sorry about the sweater - I have faith that you will make it work!!

Toni said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! I've never truly set out to knit something hideous (not that many things haven't gone that way, of course) Now you're just one step away from crazy toilet paper covers.....:)

Lynne S of Oz said...

Lovely scarf - must've been fun to spin and knit!
IS that a blackberry cover or a sporran?
Love your vegies in the previous post - purple poop! If I had more time I would google it. Staypuft marshmallow! ROFL (they are making another ghostbusters, btw...). Do you grow carrots? I keep getting ones with little itsy bits forks in them, if you get my drift....

jessie said...

Love your handspun scarf. I wanted to make Montego Bay but some of the Rav comments said it was really boring. (Aren't all scarves boring after a while, though?)

So pretty.