Sunday, July 6, 2008

A Fab Fifth

What a fab weekend! Our 4th was mellow. We took the dogs for a walk, and spent the evening with the nieces; that was about it, which was great. A nice, lazy day.

Saturday the 5th was a bit busier! I headed up to the East Bay, making a stop to pick up Donna, and together we headed farther north to visit Ms. TeeHee for the day. We ate (the woman can cook! And did!). And knit - I'd show pictures but it looks exactly the same as last post, just bigger. And talked. And drooled over Viggo who was conveniently showing his hot self on the TV in the background.

We also cooed over Riley. Who wouldn't love that fuzzy little face?

And here they are. I've met AmpuTeeHee (on the left) a few times at Stitches, but even though we've been emailing back and forth for over a year, this was the first time I'd met Donna in person. Finally!

I had to leave mid-afternoon as I had other places to be, but I'm so glad could make it for even a short time - it was so much fun. Great company, great food, yarn and Viggo. A lovely afternoon. Thanks guys!

Traffic was fine on the way home, so I made great time. And found that my KnitPicks order had arrived! I got this:

The white yarn is KnitPicks Bare (880 yards of 100% Merino lace weight) for future hand-dye sessions. The 2 skeins are Shadow lace weight (440 yards, 100% Merino) in Sunset Heather and the other one is Shadow lace weight in Hotrod Heather. I've developed a sudden fascination with lace recently so I picked up Victorian Lace Today (KnitPicks is having a sale until early August - 40% off all books; what a deal!). I'm not really a shawl person, but there are some patterns in there I can use for scarves and wraps, which I will wear.

I also got this:

I keep referring to it as 'Cat Bordhi's new book', but it was published about a year ago. Apparently I'm not exactly on the forefront of what's new in the knit world.

I had a lovely evening, too. I'd made some tortellini salad early in the day and hubby and I headed to Spinnity's for a potluck supper. The Knitist was there, as was the Fiber Fiend and her husband, Margot (whom I hadn't met before) and also Emy. And a whole ton of great food. Bad blogger that I am though, I completely forgot to pull my camera out. Doh!

Squash Control

As I haven't had the opportunity so ship any zucchini to Toni (she referred to me as a squash-related threat -I must live up to that) or play Ding Dong Ditch with my excess squash, I've actually been cooking with it. I know!

Stir fry with flank steak, zucchini, pak choi, onions and sweet peppers (the pak choi is from the garden too).

And tonight's meal - pasta with zucchini, cream, parmesan, and fresh basil.

I love this recipe. It uses a pound and a half of zucchini, and the small amount of cream (1/2 cup for the entire recipe) satisfies my occasional craving for pasta Alfredo without inducing a heart attack.

More Gratuitous Doggie Pics

Trouble wants to say Thanks for all the nice birthday wishes you sent her way. Riso got all jealous though and wanted equal blog time, so here are some parting beefcake shots of the boy.

Snuggly boy:

The best fuzzy schnozz in town:

Do your pets demand equal time?


Nell said...

Sounds like a great day!!!

Toni said...

Hee Hee! If we get any airmail squash, we will know who to blame......:)

Tiny Tyrant said...

Totally into the equal time thing.

The kitty cats weren't too happy that we left them for 3 days and one parked himself in the middle of the bed (a big no no) when Ken got in and was waiting for me to come to bed.

Rasta demanded his cuddle time. Hehe

Jasmin said...

Ooooh... zucchini. Mom makes a killer dish (called "kookoo") out of it.

I'm just sayin'.

TheAmpuT said...

I had a blast and was so glad you could come! I'm thinking of doing this again a few more times this year and hope you can can make it again. XO

Maia said...

Love a knitting get together! Looks like you had great fun.

Riso is adorable! He has mastered the sad puppy dog look. You know the one. It is designed to get everyone to pet him. My Sammie is a master at this look too.

Happy belated Birthday to Trouble! She looks great!